Item collection 136946 original

French Picnic


Item collection 145925 original

The Tin Man


Item collection 147394 original

Color Me Happy


Item collection 151503 original

East of Eden


Item collection 151653 original

Silver Flower Oasis


Item collection 154656 original

Singing Sparrow


Item collection 154974 original



Item collection 157530 original

Forever, handmade Bridal necklace


Item collection 157538 original

Regine, handmade Bridal Necklace


Item collection 157718 original

Rahlina My Love


Item collection 157760 original

Lovely Lilly


Item collection 158038 original



Item collection 158134 original

Melancholy Mistress


Item collection 158141 original



Item collection 158146 original

Soul Searching


Item collection 158176 original




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You can visit my Flickr page to view pictures of bridal pieces I've made at Please contact me if you are interested in bridal jewelry. I specialize in unique, stunning, simple and elegant pieces, Custom made to your colors and style. Let me know what I can create for your Happy Day!

*My jewelry is all hand made and designed by me. Most all of my work is one of a kind. I love to make unique and individual pieces. However, sometimes I am able to find the same beads and recreate something I have already done. I work with gem stones, crystal, wood, recycled glass, blown glass freshwater pearls and vintage beads, to name a few. My style is very organic and artistic, my pieces reflect me. I offer FREE shipping on all items!